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DINA Safer Spaces Policy


We are committed to creating a place where everyone can feel welcome, supported, and able to express themselves and have a good time.

If you are feeling uncomfortable please come and speak to one of our bar or event staff who will do their best to support you and work alongside you to address any issues.

If you are concerned that someone else looks uncomfortable, if it is safe to do please check in with them, or come and speak to one of our bar or event staff.

Please be aware of how much space you take up,either physically or verbally and if someone does not show any interest in talking or dancing with you then please leave them alone. Anyone not following this will be asked to stop and if they continue will be asked to leave.

Oppressive, discriminatory, degrading or aggressive language or actions will not be tolerated. Nor will violence, abuse, bullying, harassment or threatening behaviour. Any people engaging in any of this will be asked to leave.

Please bear the below in mind while at DINA:

  • Be aware of yourself and the space you take up. Take a minute to examine the things about you (for example race, class, gender or ability) that may have allowed you to have an easier time and be mindful that others may not have benefited in the same way.

  • Remember everybody’s emotional and physical boundaries are different, so what might be okay for you might not be okay for someone else. Make sure you have consent before getting into other people’s personal space, touching or photographing them.

  • Remember that the impact of our words or actions are more important than the intent. If we mess up without meaning to, then it’s on all of us to own our mistakes and make amends

  • Treat everybody with the same respect you would want to be treated with!

This is an evolving document! Please get in touch with your feedback on this policy and how we are enacting it.

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