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DINA DIGEST. What's going on down at DINA!

Welcome to DINA Digest, a look on what's happening this week down at DINA! Kicking off with tonight (Tuesday) and we herald the return of Captain Fishfingers and his merry band of hearties as The Fishpie Cabaret Show docks in at DINA once again for its ninth episode: "Piracy Is A Crime." Join us in the Cellar for a nautical night of mayhem and mishaps. The voyage starts at 1930, and tickets are available here. Also tonight starting at 1830, our good friends at The Sheffield Improv Jam are now running open workshops for those wanting to get into improvised comedy. If you've heard of the Jam and are tempted to come along but aren't sure about getting up on stage for the first time, these workshops are for you. These workshops want to give people enough of a grounding in improv itself, and the format of common games, to give you the confidence boost you need to join them on stage at the Jam. More info about the workshops can be found here, and these cost £5 each (please bring change!)

On Thursday February 20 we welcome back Reel Femme, the film night that showcases the work of self-identifying women and non-binary film-makers in the heart of Sheffield. This evening will showcase some wonderful short films all based on the future self, starting at 1930 for a 2000 start. Drinks available and free nibbles as usual!

There is a £3 suggested donation to women's charity VIDA Sheffield but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

And now for some biiiiig news. We're looking for someone to run our vegan and veggie cafe! The current manager of the cafe will be taking maternity leave starting at the end of April, with the potential for a handover, and we are looking for someone to fill the cafe space for at least six months from May until October, with the possibility of an extension. All the information on how to apply is here, with the deadline on Friday March 13. And to finish off our roundup of this week, on Sunday February 23, Sheffield’s monthly LGBTQIA+ inclusive cabaret night, Everybody Say Love touches down for an evening of funky acts, cheesy DJ Sets and a reyt good flashback! Check out the Facebook event page for more details and tickets.

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