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Family Portraits - Chim'Di

Between December 11th and January 30th 2023 we'll be exhibiting a new collection by Chim'Di, the second collection we have hosted by this artist. 


'FAMILY PORTRAIT is a representation of my childhood memories, emotions and concepts of my family unit through my adult mind.

This collection is centered around my move to the UK with my family as a child, being close with my family and holding on to my memories of my time in Nigeria. This collection honors my lineage and family for being there along the way, guiding and strengthening me through each of my decisions'



'Each artwork gradually unfolds and shines a light on specific periods of family life growing up within my family. Going through emotions that weren’t explored as a child or overlooked due to future aspirations and understanding to compromise' 


'Acknowledging these memories allows me as a being, a person, a daughter a woman to accept my past and venture fearlessly through the world around me'


As well as looking forward to possibility of the day I expand my own family unit which will stem from the love, patience and understanding I cultivated as a child.' 

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