The information below is to offer guidance for promoters and users in relation to access use and access requirements at DINA. 


For space users:


Seating is available to be set out by promoters/organisers at all events. 


Assistance dogs are allowed at all times. If there are guests who are dog phobic we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

For ticketed events paying guests who require a PA are eligible to a free additional ticket for them. Contact us if you need this and we will make sure the promoter sorts it.


No strobe lights or smoke machines are used.


Ground Floor (Spoon Factory & Diner)

Entrance to the Spoon Factory is flat from the street. 

Entrance to the Diner has a small step and a wheelchair ramp is available if needed (please just ask and we’ll bring it out). 

There are two steps between the Diner and SpoonFactory and a wheelchair ramp is available if needed (please just ask and we’ll bring it out). 


An accessible toilet is located in the Spoon Factory.

The Spoon Factory bar has an accessible serving area.


The Cellar

The Cellar is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible with a number of steep steps into it from both its independent entrance on Backfield, and between the Cellar & The Spoon Factory.



The first floor has 20 internal steps between the Spoon Factory and the first floor terrace both with handrails. There is wheelchair access to floor 1 via an external ramp , and our outdoor terrace , from Backfields and Bethal Walk. 


For promoters:

  • If your event has an entrance fee, you must provide a free ticket for the PA of a paying guest with access needs if required.

  • If your event has a performance aspect, ensure there is a seating viewing area available for those who cannot stand for long periods. We can provide you with seating but you must do the layout.

  • No strobe lights or smoke machines can be used.

  • On promotional material & your ticket booking site please state the accessibility of the space you are using (the Diner & Spoon Factory are wheelchair accessible, The Cellar is not).

  • When creating promotional material keep in mind that large fonts, text that contrasts with the background, not having images behind text, and sans serif fonts will make it more accessible to read.

  • Noise volume must be kept to acceptable levels if in any doubt what these are please consult with the venue manager.



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